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WebTech was established in 1994 in response to what was an enormous potential in an essentially untapped market.  WebTech has been committed to serving the interests of our clients by providing superior web sites with exemplary technical support.  Since its inception, the client base of WebTech has grown dramatically

At WebTech we design web sites that give you a return on your investment.  Good web design requires far more than simple programming, design and production.  We think in terms of information architecture, which looks at the bigger picture: at the mission and vision for the site.  We take a balanced look at both the needs of the business and their potential clients in order to develop user-friendly sites that are also powerful marketing tools.

Our team of information architects includes people with a range of backgrounds and skills.  A graphic designer is specially trained to create relationships between visual elements of the site and effectively integrate the whole.  A computer programmer supports the foundation of a web site with their ability to design databases that support the content and functions of the site.  Their skills help minimize maintenance, and data integrity problems. An information specialist deals with organization of and access to information systems, and is trained to work with searching, browsing and indexing technologies.  Bringing these elements together requires the direction and vision of an individual with management and marketing skills.  The manager ensures that the diverse input of the web architecture team is effectively channeled into a focused, user-friendly web site.